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Acholi Muslim District Khadi Sheikh Musa Khelil. [URN photo]

Acholi Kadhi asks security to stop killing suspects before trial

News. The Northern Link:

The Acholi Muslim District Kadhi, Sheikh Musa Khelil has decried the approach by security personnel of shooting to kill suspects without according them a fair hearing.

Referring to a recent incident in which the police shot dead a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Kirevu, Sheikh Khelil said police ought to be professional while conducting arrests without taking away the lives of suspects.

Sheikh Kirevu was gunned down by police in a Kampala suburb on November 18, while purportedly resisting arrest. Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told the media later that Sheikh Kirevu was in charge of the Ntoroko cell of the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF, a rebel outfit based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda’s security has accused ADF of the recent bombings in the capital Kampala.

But Sheikh Khelil told Uganda Radio Network in an interview on Wednesday that the manner in which the police responded in combing out suspects, mostly Muslims linked to the terror acts has been ruthless. He adds that the move has sent shivers in the Muslim community.

Sheikh Khelil also noted that security personnel shouldn’t generalize the culpability of Muslims into the recent terror acts but rather point out the individuals who are behind the crimes.

He however condemned the terror acts that rocked the country saying the perpetrators committed the crimes on their individual accounts, but not as Islam as a religion. Sheikh Khelil says Islam stands for peace and doesn’t advocate for the killing of others in any way.

At least five suspects linked to the ADF rebel group have been shot dead and some 21 suspects arrested by the police after the November twin bombings at Parliament Avenue and near the Central Police station in the capital Kampala.

Isis to which ADF reportedly pays allegiance claimed responsibility for the deadly attack that left four people dead and 33 people, mostly police officers injured.

Source: URN

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