Gossip | The Northern Link UG. On Thursday 12 May 2022, Cinderalla Sanyu known as Cindy held a campaign session at Heritage Park, Arua alongside fellow cabinet members of the Uganda musicians association; Hanson Buliro (current vice president) and Phina Masanyalaze (current secretary) who are all looking to retain their positions in the new cabinet for which elections will be held on the 25th of this month. The group was hosted by the Uganda musicians association, Arua cluster led by Madira Kennedy also known as J.M Kennedy who chaired the sitting. In attendance among Arua based artists included Lp Shaddy, Raga pyton, Loveson Controlla, G.A Swagga, Queen G, Leila, Vairas, King Weeda, West B to mention but a few.

West Nile music icon J.M Kennedy, also the president of the West Nile UMA cluster chaired the sitting at Heritage park and expressed support on behalf of the Arua artists.

Cindy in her remarks started by apologizing for taking long without communicating with the regional clusters. She said that the two year term office in the constitution is hardly enough to accomplish all that needs to be done and that is why she seeks a second term in office.

Cindy openly declared that the UMA presidency had nothing to do with gender and that her as a female has accomplished things such as securing a seat in parliament for the UMA president, something no one had done. She however informed the audience that if given the chance to hold office again, she would like to focus on the issue of sexual harassment especially affecting the females in the industry.

We only dress the way we do to entertain the fans who pay for it and nothing more. This is not an invitation to touch us or have sex with us. Behind the skimpily dressed figures are beautiful, humble and caring women who have their own lives to lead.

Said Cindy to a round of applause from the audience.

The raga/dancehall star emphasized on the need to improve on branding of musicians from the various regions which has been a big issue affecting them. It doesn’t matter if you sing in Lugbara or any local language, but how do you attract the big names to work with you? This depends on how you present yourself. On this, she pledged to organize consistent workshops if given the chance where entertainers can be given knowledge on how to handle their branding.

She further pointed out that the industry is a network that involves stakeholders like promoters, media, DJs and so forth.

how do you expect an artist in Arua to grow if you as a promoter is promoting foreign content? She posed. Cindy concluded by taking sides with the local industry against promoters. If artists here get organized and decide that no show takes place without the, I and my cabinet will fully support and endorse this from the headquarters. She concluded amidst thunderous clapping.

Cindy delivering her manifesto to members of the Uganda music association, Arua Cluster yesterday. She pledged to fight sexual harassments and exploitation

Phina Masanyalaze, the current secretary in her capacity thanked West Nile creatives for always receiving them and asked that it is time to widen the scope of unity among entertainers in the region. She emphasized the need to come together and have one common voice in entertainment affairs in the region, noting that the region has been taken advantage of as many have posed as representatives for entertainers in the past only to defraud them in the end. Phina acknowledged the divide and rule policy in play which has kept entertainers at pa amongst themselves and called for an end to it. She tasked the Arua cluster leaders to ensure that West Nile has a uniform common voice in musicians affairs. Most importantly, she asked the artists to value their brand and keep working on their various brands to grow their worth.

You have to convince stakeholders that you are worth what you ask for. If you want to lobby for 100million, make sure you are worth it


Phina Masanyalaze, the current secretary urges artists to value their brands.

Hanson Buliro, the current vice president encouraged artists to register with the Uganda performing rights society, a body that helps creatives to keep track of their music distribution, copy right issues and pays them for it. He pointed out that the former administration had some incompetence but assured everyone that the new administration in place is a good one and therefore artists should embrace the platform to guarantee the safety of their works. He ended by kindly asking the house to vote for him as the incoming vice president for the Uganda musicians association come 25th of May.

The current vice president, Hanson Buliro emphasizes the need to get registerd under U.P.R.s to enjoy copy right benefits.

According to the president Cindy, voting will be only for those who are eligibly recognized in the artists register. The team however delivered official identification cards to the West Nile cluster handed over to J.M Kennedy during the sitting. It is clarified that not all ID’s were out but those who have their data entered into the system will be cleared to vote. Voting will be in two forms both online and physically and the procedures will be shared before election day.

Cindy was initially the vice president to Ykee benda in UMA but rose to president after Ykee resigned late last year. She now seeks a fresh term in office amidst competition from Ssemanda Manisul a.k.a King Saha and Mutebi Ramathan a.k.a Lord Bitemu. We wish them all the best and promise to keep you updated on what ensues in the process.

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