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Arua City health inspector Godfrey Apangu showing the court file at his office

Arua City Set to Arrest All Street Vendors.

ARUA CITY: Arua City health department has secured court injunction to arrest all the street vendors and those who keep their buildings dirty in the town.

This according to the authorities, this comes after  several awareness creations that have never yielded any fruit as many more street vendors instead come on the streets recklessly disposing wastes contribution to poor sanitation in the city.

Arua City has of recent been labelled one of the dirty cities in Uganda.

Arua City health inspector Godfrey Apangu promised to effect the process early January this year.

“we have talked, educated enough anytime within this month we shall start arresting because people seem not to have listening ears”.

According to the Physical Planning Act 2020 any person arrested littering the streets of an urban place or whose buildings are dirty in the city is liable to pay two million Uganda shillings or face one year imprisonment or both up on conviction.

The chairperson Arua central market Nelson Dada vows to block venders who are selling on streets to access stalls in the new market.

“We observe you note your name and cancel from our registers, when it comes to entering the new market we shall not allow those on the streets because they are not complying with the guidelines”.

However the technocrats have attributed the continuous street vending to the political interference accusing them of collecting money from the street vendors making it difficult to force them to the gazetted markets.

The interim mayor Arua City Alhaji Issa Kato Afeku distances himself from accusations.

“As the Mayor of the City my role is not to collect money from the venders, the contractors are their to do that . Any person who says Mayor is collecting money from these people is just confused”.

Some of the street venders predict hard times in business if this is enforced.

James Afadriayo who deals in Mobile Money business along Avenue road predicts hard life as most of his customers are passersby.

Wadiko Joyce one of the dealers in produce says it’s hard for her to fit in the market as many vendors are dealing in the same business.

Arua City council has gazetted three markets one in Arua hill near OPM offices, the other along Pajulu road at social center and the last been at Lobida on Lemerijoa road which not been filled by the venders.

The most common items sold on the streets include produce, dresses, cosmetics and other farm equipment that have congested the streets in the City.

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