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Bondo health Center 3 in Arivu subcounty, Arua district

Arua District Health Department Threatens to Subject Bondo Health Workers to Rewards And Sanctions Committee Over Negligence Of Duty.

ARUA: The residents in Vura, Ajia and Arivu Sub counties continuous pestering of the district health office over failure by the health workers to come in time for duties, loss of medical protective equipment and others has prompted the district health department to write to the Chief Administrative Officer (accounting Officer) to investigate the continuous demand by the locals.

During a community dialogue organized by Mayang Ant Corruption Coalition MACo in Arivu sub county, absenteeism, disobedience, sale of medical protective equipment like gloves, mama kits to mothers and failure to dispatch drugs to Village Health Team members are key concerns of the community.

The Executive Director Mayang Anti Corruption Coalition MACo, Ernest Enzama says the motive is to bridge the gap between the community and the leaders to forge ways for them to get better feedback on their demands.

“Most of the leaders take time to reach the communities and respond to their concerns but this kind of gatherings allows them to account to community and transparently take responsibility of the concerns.”

Ass. CAO Simon Ababo highlighting issues about the behavior of the health workers during stakeholders engagement at Arivu subcounty

This has been the third time the community members are demanding for an audit of the performance of the health workers .

The vice chairperson Arivu subcounty Nelson Abiti notes that general services in the health facility have being poor.

“Bondo health center has accommodation facilities for the health workers, and health personnel have deliberately refused to base their, they are not giving drugs to the VHTs to help sick children at homes, and are selling things that are to be given freely for mothers after delivery like mama kits.”

He added that the in charge of the health center and some of the health workers are getting double payment as they dedicate most of their time working in the district offices.

“ I don’t know why some of the staff are taken to work in the district and yet they also get salary in the names of the health facility”

Immediately after the dialogue, a two days visit to the facility indicate that the in charge was not present at the facility on accounts that he also serves at the district offices, on the first day at 3PM on Monday, only two health workers of nine registered,  where at the facility a nurse and a watchman, the second day Tuesday 15/12/2020 by 10AM in the morning only six of the health workers had registered.


Meanwhile Zabib Anite the in charge Maternity ward at Bondo Health Center three  explained that understaffing is the major cause of most of the problems.

“It’s unfortunate that some of the staff were transferred and not replaced, four others took leave and have not come back.”

She continued saying the in charge is mostly committed at the district making it difficult for them to manage every activity at the facility.

However, the assistant chief administrative officer Arua district Simon Ababo says the matter will soon come under control.

“the public servants are guided by the public  act and if straight followed and the facts are dug out the health workers shall be charged accordingly provided the processes are followed.”

Bondo Health Center three is the Only government health center three in Arua district covering four sub counties about thirty Kilometers from Arua regional referral hospital.

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