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Ayivu West Constituency MP Elect Calls for Unity.

ARUA CITY: Close to one month after the 2021 general elections, many successful candidates have vowed to restore peace, unity and foster development in most of the constituencies.

The Member of Parliament elect for Ayivu West Constituency John Lematia has put unity as a priority in his agenda.

Celebrating his victory parties in the headquarters of Pajulu, Ayivuni, and Adumi, the MP said many of the residents were divided by different political actors for their own interests and this must be worked on if development is to be achieved.

“Key on my agenda is Unifying the people of Ayivu West to have a peaceful living even with neighboring constituencies this can be achieved through uniting the cultural, religious, and other special interest group leaders who will, in turn, reiterate this to their subjects”.

John Lematia speaking on his victory and plans for Ayivu West Constituency.

In other plans ensuring timely maintenance of roads, improving education standards with other stakeholders were he said Ayivu division for the last academic years performed poorly with on 6% passing rate, ensuring that the city development to accommodate international investors. “Lematia added”.

The Resident City Commissioner RCC Arua City Martin Oroch calls upon the elected leaders to exhibit togetherness in achieving development in the whole of the West Nile Region.

“Why West Nile is not developing is hatred and long term envy which make not to grow and that’s why investors are fearing to come and develop the region”.

Oroch added that without peace it’s hard to achieve development which calls for collective effort.

RCC Martin Oroch addressing members on the need to develop West Nile During the Victory Party at Pajulu headquarters

Meanwhile, Chief Ayivu Manase Yuma who also represented the Lugbara Kari cultural institution said it’s a blessing from God to have leaders who are chosen in a transparent manner and calls upon those who were not given the opportunity to lead to be patient and work with those elected.

“It is God who chooses leaders through the citizens and their rights must be respected, I urge those who failed to join those successful in achieving development for the region just like in other regions like Acholi.”

The Member of Parliament elects for Vura constituency Yovan Adriko who officiated the function said it has not been an easy struggle before and after their success.

“Many of our opponents have not believed that they failed and in such they are still going to courts, others are mobilizing youths to storm us but it’s God who protects us”.

Guests cutting the cake ceremoniously
Lugbara cultural dancers performing interlude during the victory party 

Lematia John became victorious in the recently concluded 2021 general elections after defeating his closest rival Benard Atiku who doubles as the incumbent MP with over 2,000 votes.

By Dramadri Federick

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