Badman King Riaso


Badman King Riaso  commonly known as Rwoth Darius was born on Jan 14, 1992, in Nyapea Hospital.
King Riaso is a Ugandan music singer In northern Uganda Zombo Nyapea Sub-county Akwanji town. 
He was discovered by Alur record executive Ruvi com and signed with ruvi com studio in 2012, gaining recognition with the release of his debut three-tracks (KWETHANGATI, PERI PARA AND CEKE NGWEN) in 2012 and soon establishing himself as a Big King (president of Nyaps Ghetto Youths). Often referred to as the “Dancehall mafia”, his versatile cross-genre approach towards music and showmanship has received widespread recognition In Northern Uganda. 
However, King Riaso love Ragga Dancehall, Reggaeton and Flat Afro Dancehall



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