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Photo of the Acting CDO Arua in his office

Community Blame Continuous Disco Operations in Arua City to Love for Money by Officers.

ARUA CITY: One of the councilors in Komite-Pajulu Ward reveals that most of the law enforcement officers including the police and even the politicians ask for money from the Disco operators ranging from Fifty thousand shillings to one hundred fifty thousand depending on the catchment population expected.

Arua district by then had instituted bye-laws under the education act to confiscate machines and punish Disco operators as a way of reducing teenage pregnancy but this has never been implemented at all as many Discos continue to be staged in various areas including under forests.

The Acting Community Development Officer (CDO) Arua district Edward Endra noted that most of the officers compromise their efforts hence paving way for the community to continuously stage night dances.

“If the enforcement officers including the police were to walk in the morning where these Music are been played, arrest the operators, organizers and even confiscate the machines plus a heavy punishment levied on them this would stop.”

Many times, the enforcement has reportedly continued to surface in compromising their work by earlier picking money from the organizers and the operators who come for recommendations from them. ‘Ag CDO added’

Police vehicle at Arua central police station

Most of these disco operators are not licensed and are unregulated hence less attention has been paid to follow them.

The Administrator of Triangular sounds Ediofe Tabu Malex Mophart who deals in events organizations says they had a way to operate but to change the business style in the era of covid-19 as it’s against the standard operating procedures SOPs for coronavirus prevention.

“We this time impact on road drives and even have entered deep in food supplies as the only safe way and the business has still kept us better in this coronavirus season”.

Tabu however urges colleagues doing similar business to look at the impact of the business in relation to the covid-19 spread and tasked them to diversify.

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer North-Western region Josephine Angucia confirmed receiving reports of night Discos been staged in Most parts of the city and added that this is mainly in the outcasts of the Central City.

“We have continuously received reports on night Disco operations and these are mainly in Oluko, Komite, and Driwala areas in Ayivu division but as police, we are ready to start our operations.”

The enforcement team technically faces logistical challenges and personnel to effectively operate.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, the government imposed a total lockdown in which the entertainment industry was strongly hit as this was marked the greatest contributor to covid-19 spread due to no attention paid to observe the SOPs.

Currently, Arua Regional Referral Hospital has treated cumulatively over eight hundred positive persons from the coronavirus.

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