You are currently viewing Dancehall artist D’Urban Shatta beaten to pulp by fellow artist Dexing

Dancehall artist D’Urban Shatta beaten to pulp by fellow artist Dexing

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | Small-sized but big-mouthed dancehall artist D’Urban Shatta has reportedly been beaten up by South Sudanese-Arua-based dancehall comrdade Dexing. Urban Shatta is a self proclaimed dancehall star based within the city who started out with the famous Monster pharmily under Raga Pyton.

The up and coming artist has been a big-headed act with a history of mongering scandal among stake holders in the industry. Earlier this year, he had initiated a beef  scandal with proclaimed Hip Hop messiah LP shady in which his  producer Wize touch was implicated at the centre of it all. This had ended with the dancehall figure vanishing from the scene and leaving producer Wize to face LP. LP who was angered by all their actions ended up organizing a private disciplinary group, publicly canning and humiliating the producer on camera which brought up heated arguments in the music fraternity on the basis of whose actions were right or wrong.

Dancehall artist Dexing who allegedly beat up Urban Shatta over a yet to be identified reason

Urban shatta had since been silent until yesterday when his fellow South Sudanese-Arua based dancehall artist, Dexing allegedly attacked and beat him up just within Nsambia. This platform learned from eye witnesses that the two who are actually close friends clashed on the streets of Nsambia over an unclear misunderstanding. Urban Shatta and Dexting are close comrades given that they are usually seen hanging out together and accompany each other during studio and video sessions.

Design and Urban Shatta spending time during their together days.

However from eye witness view, it looks as if Shatta did something that must have gotten on the nerves of Dexing prompting the attack. It is further revealed that the motor-mouthed artist was over powered and mercilessly landed punches on until on lookers intervened. Efforts to reach either of the parties to ascertain the core cause of the matter all proved futile since both their contacts were switched off. Whatever caused this and where it goes from here is what we promise to keep you posted on.

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