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Daniel Kawesa Makes a Huge Come Back

Being a musician isn’t easy. There is a lot of hard work that goes into delivering hit after hit every year.  And so, sometimes, they need to take a break to clear their minds and channel their creativity. Refuel, A must. Certainly, this can leave fans disappointed, but these breaks are totally worth the wait, especially when they come back with a bang!.

The latest feed on the street indicates that West Nile music export and winner of Coca Cola rated next 2013, Daniel Kawesa has made irreversible come back after taking a musical break for about 7 years now, Kaweesa who is popularly known for his hit song ‘Nebwonfunyafunya’ pressed a ‘Go’ button with a breathtaking single ‘ Nyongeza’.

‘Nyongeza’ is a beautiful heart soothing ballad carrying a Little Bit of everything. It was written by Nice Henry and produced by Josh wonder.

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BY: Kisa Bright

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