Danny Dolla


Dannydolla is a recording artist doing Afro-fusion mild dancehall (~*cool calm classic, how he prefers to call his style of music),~from *West Nile predominantly singing in Alur language,

Dannydolla was inspired by Jose chameleon, Jackie culture currently with UBC radio, Tevin Campbell, Joe Thomas,R Kelly, his big brother little known Doc.Winjaman a former Hip Hop Artist and the collection of music his dad brought from London.

Dannydolla professionally recorded his first song in 2006 called Wagyer pacu (Wadong pacu) that performed exclusively well at a time when Paidha FM was the dominant station in west Nile, but however, Dannydolla was not in a position to capitalize on that airplay he got from Paidha FM to make himself a household name in the region, due to his busy work schedule with Centenary Bank.

Dannydolla has worked with one the best producers at that time in Uganda in the name of Allan Okia of D-records before he left and opened up A-O records.

Dannydolla has worked with artists like Cocofinger, Sizzaman, Bobiwine by promoting and bringing them for shows in Wobulenzi, where he worked and sang exclusively as a banker Between 2006 and 2012.

In 2009, Dannydolla held one of the biggest concerts in Wobulenzi, supported by big names like GNL Zambia, Sweetkid, Cocofinger that made him a household name in Luweero and Wobulenzi, then he went into a hiatus, after the break from Music, Dannydolla came back on the scene of music again in 2018 with a strong collaboration angeyo ngo, with one great Parombo based artist in the names of Jeezy 128, a song that went on to the top 20 countdowns of Arua one Fm and stayed there for more than 2 months peaking at number 4, Dannydolla went in
Another hit collaboration Song called Kumer with Lucky D, one of the finest Alur Artist a song that went viral crossed borders to Congo.

Dannydolla has been releasing songs every 3month making him represent as one of the most hardworking Alur artists. Danny Dolla represents usually with one of the best videos in west Nile good videos notably Wekira, Landlord,Yamu, Angeyo ngo, etc and the currently trending Player featuring Lp shady one of the most controversial artist in west Nile, Dannydolla is signed currently with the management of DCN records-Ug, a leading recording and talent management company in West Nile.

Danny enjoys working with young multi-talented producer Depan pon da beat.

Other great collaborations include Too girly feat Mallywine, Wine low feat Miray,



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