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Eezzy acquires a brand new car

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | Ugandan fast-rising star Eezzy, appears to be part of the new kids reaping big in the entertainment industry and this has been made evident in some of his latest activities. Well, the news at hand indicates, the Gulu kid is ending the month of July with a new car on his ride tally.

The Tumbiiza sound hitmaker splurged an undisclosed amount of money on a super-custom. The sleek silver van would no doubt be the envy of many music camps.

Photo of the new tour van

The singer’s manager, WoltaPro Bash, took to his Facebook page to share photos of Eezzy and his new Van.

“Hardwork pays #TeamEezzy this our tour super custom for all our events”

The music star was spotted standing next to his machine as he posed for a photo.

Eeezy posing next to his brand new super custom

This becomes Eezzy’s third car since his breakthrough last 2020.

Eezzy’s second car, He acquired in October 2020
Eezzy next to his first car


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