You are currently viewing Elton Loverboy set to release 8 high-profile music collaborations.

Elton Loverboy set to release 8 high-profile music collaborations.

Gossip | THE NORTHERN LINK UG| West Nile R&B Artist of The Year 2020, Elton Loverboy has joined forces with his longtime music pals, Lucky Dee, Bush Boy, Astro Lifa, and Eddy Wizzy among others to feature on his upcoming high-profile studio collaborations.

Elton Loverboy receiving an accolade during ADA Awards – 2020 grand finale

The region has witnessed Elton Loverboy bloom into one of its biggest R&B stars in the past three years after he released his first hit single, ‘Abila’, and its follow-up, ‘Gimme some more’ and ‘Jamusuma’, next in six months’ time. But even before he ascended to the top, Elton has always been a generous, prolific, and in-demand collaborator. He recorded multiple collaborations with Rap K and Lucky Dee in his early days.

Speaking to, Singer reveals he will strictly release collaborations in the remaining months of the year 2021. Eddy Wizzy, Lucky Dee, Bush Boy, Astro Lifa, Cuts B, Moze Stylo, Giddy Rosh, and Riaso Boy, are among those appearing on the Collaboration list.

Elton said via a statement.

“I will only do collaborations this year. I know It takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone when you’re doing something with another artist. You don’t know what to expect- it’s kind of like being a little kid and having a playdate but I anticipate each of these collaborations to outstrip entire Northern Uganda and Beyond”

The first track off the Collaborations is expected to officially come out towards the end of this month.

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