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OUT AND ABOUT | The Northern Link UG. You must have heard some whispers in the corridors of this city about a new hangout spot opening. Well, the whispers are no longer in the wind, they have all combined to take the shape of a tall structure seated in the middle of town, overlooking and towering high above the rest. It is as if Arua is in the days of Aladin, with the lamp genie taking orders from the city dwellers to deliver the poshest hangout spot in a flash. We hoped for it and Fabrica lounge is here!

Apart from the ground floor that houses Equity bank, the rest of the floors embody the various services of Fabrica from accommodation, restaurant, and bar. One restaurant on the 2nd-floor deals in local dishes while the finger-licking snacks are served from the top, with a variety of burgers, pizzas, hamburgers, and fries to name a few.

The bar area is fully packed with your favorite drinks.

The very first experience at this place is just breathtaking. After climbing over 10 plus stairs to reach the peak (rooftop) of Aza complex, I start to get impatient and wonder why a chill spot needs to be this high but on reaching the rooftop, the impression seems to automatically change as I start taking in the surrounding. A neatly laid out area at the very top, well-demarcated into the sports arena, two bars with inviting bottles on display, open sitting spaces with classy furniture, one large stage, a couple of smartly dressed attendants dashing from one corner to another all beaming with smiles. These sites are all brought to life by some soft music playing in the background.

A section of the service team is ready to serve you.

It is time for the first drink, I think to myself… I motion to a waitress all clad in white and request my favorite drink served ice cold. As I sip away my drink, a strong scent emitted from the kitchen area puts me on alert so I take some steps to reach the point of smell just adjacent to the 2nd bar.  I meet a neatly dressed chef, working away the orders as he keeps taking more from the waitresses.  A short conversation ensues and I place my order and then take my seat but it wasn’t more than 10 minutes before a waiter stood before me delivering my plate of fries. As I sink my teeth into the soft beef, I can’t help but wonder what my readers’ first experience here is bound to be like.

Just a girl’s clique taking in the serene environment at Fabrica.

For a long time, this city has been haunted by a number of awful hangout spots that do not pay attention to the needs of the customers. The party gods seem to have come to our rescue through Fabrica Lounge! The proprietor of the spot says they took longer because they did not want to rush anything but after all the long wait, this Friday 21st unveils the coolest spot within the town, call it the heartbeat of nightlife if you like. It is here and it is perfect! What are you waiting for to have your first experience?



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