Gossip | The Northern Link UG. Long lost and off the scene gospel artist, Feni Wym has announced his return to the music scene with a brand new album dubbed “Mungufeni” translated to mean “God given”. Feni Wym, real names Feni Benard is a son of the soil in West Nile and one of those who have given in their all in pushing art. Feni has been a church affiliated individual since his high school days and took on gospel music in his campus days. The name WYM initially stands for West Nile youth ministries which has been operational in universities around Uganda. Feni simply adopted the name as a member of the association at Makerere University which helped him create relevance within the urban gospel community and also used the platform to reach out to the youth.

For one who grew up from a humble family and has had individual struggles in his career path, Feni has moved a milestone more..

The urban contemporary singer had made a strong entrance on the West Nile scene with songs like My day, Celebrate ft Morgan Isaac, Crazy ft New chapters, DJ pastor among others  some of which songs received massive airplays. Besides he teamed and inspired a number of church oriented singers with whom he did a couple of projects.  More so, as an artist of the hey days, Feni set a trend of doing music videos  way before the local industry adopted this culture, working with top videographers such as Gratemake films, traffic films and others and went ahead to win the West Nile artist of the year in 2016.

Feni Wym is one artist who set the bar high in pushing art from the local scene and is set to make a return,

However, the Christian life inspired musician has had his own share of troubles as his musical art has been fought through standards and values expected of a Christian led life. Those who personally know him confess that although a gospel guy, Feni has had a hip hop inspired life and is one whose dreams and beliefs have been shaped by it. This has at times put him at crossroads with staunch Christian practitioners. At a point he lost the rights to airplay on some Christian oriented radios over issues attributed to his individual lifestyle.  This took a negative twist in the career of Feni Wym the gospel artist and had pushed him to take a break from active music until this year in which he has announced a return..

The official album cover impression for ‘Mungu-Feni’ the album.

According to his publicity officer who spoke to this media, the Muni bred artist is again ready to record and publish music to his die hard followers who have never stopped waiting on him.

Feni has never stopped creating music but he just never put it out. This time the target is bigger although we are starting with the our local industry which explains Myngufeni the album.  Besides being a come back piece, this album is a thanksgiving to God for all the things he has done in the life and career of Feni.

He also added that the team was in the process of shooting music videos off the 18 track album of which all songs have been dropped and can be accessed from Feni’s personal website

Or Youtube channel


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