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UPDATE | THE NORTHERN LINK UG. Long off-the-scene gospel sensation Feni wym is considering shedding off the old for a new musical identity and introducing a refurbished version of himself.

Feni Wym, real name Feni Benard has in the past been a gospel music sensation after kicking off his professional music career in 2012, releasing five albums with hits like ‘If I could play, ‘This is my day’, ‘Celebrate’ ft Morgan Isaac, ‘DJ Pastor’ among others. He went ahead to win some prestigious awards along the way, of which notable ones including: West Nile Gospel artist of the year (2014) ; a rising star award in South Africa (2016), and Northern Uganda artist of the year (2017) including two other awards in Kampala from the gospel category.

Besides being a celebrated gospel music icon, Feni has been recognized for helping mentor other musical acts some of whom he involved in his music career and in the ministry of the gospel.

During his campus days at Makerere, Feni was part of a church-oriented group called West Nile Youth ministries and this is where the young lad adopted the initials W.Y.M to add to his name. This group took outreaches to schools and institutions in which Feni and his singing group would put out performances alongside the word of God.

A picture of Feni WYM during his heydays when he took on music as a career. He went ahead to achieve great things in his musical journey.

Fast forward to life after campus, the reality of career and survival kicked the once vibrant artist down a different path. He had to take a break from active music (although he kept recording) to venture into real life and try to make a living.

The year is 2022 and Feni re-appears on the scene with a brand new album dubbed “Mungufeni” (God-given) which has rocked a number of musical playlists ever since its unveiling in June. This new album has come about with changes that may see the artist we once knew as ‘Feni Wym’ go by a different name. Asked where he draws inspiration from in the new album, the Christian life-led artist is quick to mention it is through the word of God.

It has always been God. I do not look for inspiration from worldly sources because that is where mankind messes up.

A cover impression for one of the songs off the ‘Mungufeni’ album in which Feni encourages his audience to worship God.

About the change and rebrand in name, Feni reveals that the name WYM did not belong to him originally so he is on the verge of shifting to something that portrays him as an individual and the good works of God in his life. He however asserts that he and his team had not agreed on a particular name out of the number of options they have come up with but all will be revealed when the time is right.

Close sources to the singer revealed that Feni is currently in Nairobi working on music videos for some of the songs off the 18-track “Mungufeni” album. So it is anticipated that the rebrand will come at the time of releasing these videos. We at Northern Link UG will always let you know what happens from here.

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