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FreddieLine and Hope Wakanda set to drop a new song

Gossip | The Northern link UG | West Nile magical duo FreddieLine and Hope Wakanda have announced they are dropping a new song after over 9 months of silence. The ‘Chinya’ hitmakers broke through late in 2019 with their ‘Chinya’ hit that was initially done for an introduction ceremony but ended up catching the ears of many.

The song went on to top radio charts for some time and the fans started demanding more of the beautiful melodies. The duo then went ahead to record more jams and cemented their spot in the hearts of many. Some of the songs include ‘Mi si’  ‘Ma asi’ and ‘Love si’ featuring Monopoly.

The musical journey has not been an easy ride according to Freddieline who says they struggled with finding a proper management team to handle their public relations and bookings. To make things tougher was the fact that the two were both students at the time; Freddieline was a student at Makerere University and just completed his Agricultural course in May this year while Hope is still in the process of finalizing her law studies. This had made coordination of activities complicated since one of them would be taken up whenever they needed to meet.

However, the good news is that after a long silence, the two finally completed working on their new project dubbed ‘Tandi’ which they intend to unleash this very month. More so they managed to secure a deal with ‘Humble management’ to work on their marketing and distribution of music.

Freddieline speaking on behalf of the duo says this new jam is a continuation of the sweet melodies they had started feeding the fans on since ‘Chinya’ and it is a mark of growth in their content.

West Nile music is growing steadily and our target now is the continent, we have all that is needed to export our industry to the word and all we need is to put in more effort. – Said a rather hopeful Freddieline.

The song in the picture is a fusion of Afro-beats with a touch of African shakers produced by Josh Man Perfection at his Ociba based Malcom records. It will be available for download on various online sites as soon as its release.

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