Celebrity | The Northern Link UG. West Niles’ celebrated artist Mandela Mubark Adams A.K.A Free Boy Adams has unleashed a brand new audio after a short span of silence which had kept his fans expectant and asking about new projects.

The ‘Kwatta Esimu’ hit maker had last put out a song “Turn it up” at the beginning of the year along with its visuals and had ever since been silent about any new projects till last week when he made a surprise announcement via his socials, apologizing for the delay in releasing the audio “Superman” but assuring fans that the wait has been worth it.

In this audio, Free Boy takes the position of a man trying to woe a female, asking for her hand in marriage and giving reasons why he is the best match. He asks to be her superman who is bound to save her from getting hurt as she gives him plenty of love in return.

In the second verse, our Superman Free boy simply affirms his interest in marrying the girl.

Girl you know I am from the ghetto, I will give you love girl you have never felt, and because I want you to settle. In the cold I will keep you warm and in the dark I will be your light baby…

With an urban touch to African beats by Father Joshman perfection, this tune is yet another addition to the ever growing list of great projects done by the explosive duo of Joshman and Freeboy.  The two come from back then and seem to understand each other so well on beats and structures of music. It is this combination that cooked the popular Kwatta esimu song that featured Winnie Nwagi on the remix.

While making an appearance at a press conference 2weeks ago for Winnie Nwagis’ Fire concert slated for December, Free Boy took the chance to shut up some music critics who keep spreading the propaganda that he cannot do other hit songs unless he features Winnie Nwagi or other Kampala artists.

It is not a surprise that many people have been asking when I am going to do a song with Winnie again. I can get Winnie or any other Kampala artist any time I want, but my management does not agree to this. They have strategies to work with. Besides music is not done from one angle, I am an artist brand of my own and I have been doing music for the most part of my life. I do not need external support to do a hit song.

Free Boy calmly asserted.

Free Boy appearing during a press conference for the Fire concert ft Winnie Nwagi slated for December. He made remarks about his music in general.

Days after the release of the Superman audio, FreeBoy shared a picture of him with what looked to be a white lady turning her back in a mirror and just like the fans, we have questions…

Is it possible that the “Superman” audio is a strategic release by Aringa roots artist, Free Boy to introduce us (the West Nilers) as in-laws in the white man’s land? We will leave that conclusion for you to draw..

The photo Free Boy shared on his timeline that has caused a stir among music fans.

The audio superman is available on all streaming platforms now.

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