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Gbaraspoken set to unveil personal website ahead of new album.

Gossip|The Northern Link UG. Legendary new school Hip Hoper, Gbaraspoken of the re-known Nukuta Nzeza Hip Hop group has come out to announce a personal website ahead of his ‘Oyakuya’ album drop.

The rapper who stormed the limelight in 2014 with the ‘Bongo Battalian’ crew and later broke through with his ‘Aparaka Yo’ album in 2015 has  been topping charts and turning heads for sometime now. He has had a remarkable impact in the music industry as an inspiration to new school acts and also mentored a number of new rap acts under his ‘Nukuta Nzeza’ Hip Hop clique, notably Rapgun, PCY, Revlation and Jxxry M.I.A.

Gbaraspoken now says he wants to take on a new journey as concerns his music. Speaking to this platform, Spoken says his team has been working on personalizing everything concerning Gbaraspoken music. The first step according to him is to launch his own ‘Gbaraspoken music’ website that will see all his products harmonized and found on a one stop site.

The intellectual teacher turned rapper asserts that with the growing digital demand, he feels it is time brands need more digital presence apart from the usual social media sites that many have resorted to using. With a website, one can personalize and harmonize all his content including merchandise and blogs for the fans and other digital platforms to easily access. This can enable fans who are capable  and willing of supporting the brand to do so.

According to the website developer Adeba Richard a.k.a Kebas of True friends.Inc, this is a big move for Gbaraspoken as an artist which can pave way for him to earn from his music. He says he took time to carefully develop the website features and confirms the site is user friendly to allow visitors easily access the services.

Gbaraspoken on his part says that this development is in preparation for his upcoming ‘Oyakuya’ album slated to drop at the end of this month. This said album has been anticipated for some time now and the fans have been eagerly waiting for it’s release.

Asked what inspires the new album, Gbaraspoken says it is simply an exploration into the new music world. To him, the music world has evolved so much that he sees the need to spice up his music with urban content that can keep the audience longing for more.

He however maintains that Hip Hop cemented his music foundation and so it will continue to be the dominant genre in his music. This development is a milestone for Gbaraspoken music family and it means Oyakuya the album which happens to be Gbaras’ sixth studio album will be the first availed on the platform. This also makes Gbaraspoken the first artist to privately own a website in the region.

Entertainers in the region traditionally depended on events and concerts to get paid but with the current pandemic situation that has halted gatherings, it is only right that artists focus their energies on digitizing their brands to earn themselves a living. This one will definitely go down in history.

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