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Greater Arua District Boda-Boda Association Finally Receives the Controversial Pledge of Tipper Lorry.

WESTNILE: The delegation from the statehouse led by Topaco Alfred Owinyi who is the Private Secretary in charge of Youth Affairs finally delivered the truck with registration number UBH 475V to the district Leadership of the bodaboda Association but however without the logbook.

The Tipper Lorry as a presidential pledge to the boda boda Association of Arua district by then comprising of Terego, Maracha, Madi Okollo, Vurra, Arua municipality, Koboko, and Yumbe faced a lot of resistance in delivery as this was delivered to Engineer Gabriel Aridru who doubles as the member of Parliament Vura constituency to be handed over to the bodaboda Association but this failed forcing the association to pester the statehouse office to withdraw the vehicle from the MP.

Topaco Alfred Owinyi Private secretary in charge of youth affairs expressed that the truck has come as a commitment by the president in recognizing the bodaboda industry in their roles of security and the rest.

“Now that the truck has come, I ask you to remain committed and accountable, the stakeholders are monitoring and the Resident City Commissioner will generate guidelines for the operation of this Tipper Lorry and remain the overall supervisor of this vehicle”.

“I pledge to follow up on the issue of the public address system.” Topaco added.

The Tipper Lorry that has been handed over to the Arua Boda-Boda association

The substantial Resident City Commissioner Arua City Martin Oroch expressed disgrace over failure to account for the fulfilled pledges and disunity among the West Nilers.

“Arua is still behind from other cities looking at the behavior and developments . We are so much in hatreds and envy leading to underdevelopment in West Nile”.  To me am not happy about the pledges because a good number of pledges been full filed by the president have not been resourceful and been evaluated Martin said.

RCC further added that he will withdraw the vehicle if not properly managed and take it back to the president.

The Interim Mayor Issa Kato Afeku expressed his happiness for the fulfillment of this pledge.

“it’s a pleasure to receive the tipper lorry, we are grateful for the pledge fulfillment.

If you are not happy you will not be happy forever as we celebrate.”

The bodaboda should exhibit discipline, and form associations so that they get more of these offerings. “Kato added.”

The chairperson Bodaboda association greater Arua district  Safi Alematiyo said as Bodaboda fraternity they were not happy about the attempted corruption that led to the return of the vehicle to the statehouse.

“The tipper lorry was swallowed and now has been vomited, let’s forget of all those things that went wrong in the struggle of getting back the lorry, we have not forgotten of the public address system. We forgive Aridru but urge the rest of West Nile leaders not to emulate such sinful act.”

John Lematia Member of Parliament elect Ayivu West Constituency calls upon the bodabodas to get united and fight against corruption which has become the untreatable virus in the system.

Nezima Ocokoru LC 3 chairperson Arua Hill division by then urge the bodabodas to be agents of security and be able to help the reporting matters of security. She added that the tipper lorry should not bring disunity among the bodabodas but focus on the developmental agenda

Muzaidi kemis said this project should bring Transformation in the development arena.

“I will be grateful if this pledge fulfillment is able to produce Doctors, Teachers, DPCs and their families have become stable”.

This is the third time the president of Uganda in fulfilling pledges to the bodabodas the first been a sum of fifty million (50,000,000/=) and the latest been Thirty turns of rice seedlings to be planted but all these have never produced any fruit as no accounts to how these have been used has been shown.

By Dramadri Federick

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