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Group Photos with Hon Nyamutoru Fiona at GAF Apartment and Entertainment centre - Nebbi

Hon. Nyamutoro Phiona starts anti-teen pregnancy campaign in Greater Nebbi Districts

News | The Northern Link UG | Section of leaders and stakeholders in the greater Nebbi (Nebbi, Pakwach, and Zombo districts) are unhappy about the dire rates of teenage pregnancy in the districts.

Consequently, National Youth Mp, Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro has started a mentorship program for fighting the rising cases of teenage pregnancies.

The program will focus on sensitizing men in the fight against teenage pregnancies since they are the ones who impregnate young girls. It will be done in all the 3 districts of Nebbi, Pakwach, and Zombo.  

This was expressed during a dialogue held on Saturday, 17th, October 2021 organized by the National female Youth MP Nyamutoru Fiona at GAF Apartment and Entertainment Centre – Nebbi.

Hon. Nyamutoru Fiona Addressing team of Stakeholders and Leaders of Nebbi, Pakwach, and Zombo District.

According to a report, Zombo district has documented the outstanding number of teenage pregnancies of about 5,890 between a period of 17 months, Pakwach district health facilities show a total of over 4061 cases of teenage pregnancy, and Nebbi district has over 3,668 cases since last year.

In a statement to eradicate teenage pregnancy, The District Community Development Officer (DCDO) of Zombo, Mr. Ocaki Samnuel explains that there are categories of pregnant girls from DRC who come and access health facilities in Zombo which could have been one of the elements leading to that figure.

Ocaki says, out of the registered number, only 59 cases have been reported to the police and hardly 4 were prosecuted. He says the community is not reporting defilement cases because they are frustrated by the police.

“When we ask why they don’t report teenage pregnancy cases. They boldly say they are frustrated by the police. Even when the police succeed to push for prosecution, Someone just comes and pays money and the person is left untouched. So, the community members I had interactions with say they can’t waste time reporting cases to the same police who easily bribed off.” – CDO Zombo Ocaki Samuel said.

Nebbi district youth leader Oyirwoth Savior accuses some elders in positions of confusing young girls. He also wondered whether such people have been brought to book.

Yikpamungu Rachel the secretary for Female Youth of Zombo district criticizes some parents for failing to provide for their daughters and neglecting their parental duties.

“Some parents are rude, some parents don’t provide so where do you expect a young girl child to get pads and other basic needs. To me, it’s the parent’s faults.” Says Zombo Female Youth Leader.

The Pakwach DCDO credits the vices of teenage pregnancy on socioeconomic conditions where parents lagged to satisfy the needs and wants of their children.

On the same note, Nebbi RDC Abak Robert attests that most parents have declined to report such cases to police but only do so when they are defeated in dialogue with the suspects. Abak says last year on 64 cases were reported to the police and only 4 were successfully prosecuted.

Hon. Hasim Suleiman the Municipal MP warns both local leaders and parents against negotiating for a pregnancy of a teenage girl within the municipality. He asks all leaders to report such vices to the police.

The National female Youth M.P,  Hon. Nyamutoro Fiona in her last remarks pleads for more sensitization of male counterparts against the vices because girls to girls mentorship seem to have failed.

“The other method we were using at first was talking to the Girl-child. We would converge girls and put them aside then tell them you see when a man touches you don’t allow, report them to the police etc. but it is not yielding anything.

It is at this juncture that we realized that we need more men to be champions of ending teenage pregnancy. It’s a lot more of men to be sensitized than women.” – She says

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