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Kamure Titia reads the petition to Owiny (L) as Feta and Malon Avutia (seated R&2R) and other petitioners looked on. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

I acquired Barifa land legally: Mp Oguzu Lee assures the Public.

Arua | THE NORTHERN LINK UG| The Mp Maracha county Oguzu Lee has come  out to lash at Group of people who wrote petition to NFA and other entities demanding that he should be stop from using the said pieces of land he accused to have acquired from NFA.

The accused Mp has said the 10 acre piece of land located in Barifa which is one of the central forests reserves in Uganda he acquired legally according to the laws in Uganda. The Mp said the NFA called for proposals from developers on how they make the forest reserves in Uganda into a better use in which Barifa was one of the reserves advertised by NFA and he picked interest and Applied he was considered.

Speaking to The Northern link Ug challenge the individuals who have gone behind his back to frustrate his development would have approached him for more information on the thanks writing letters with un informed arguments

I expected he individuals who are against him to have approached him, NFA, City Authority for truth other than going around misinformation and inciting the public on the projects he is to undertake in the forest reserve.

Lee has argued he members of the public to ignore any information that is being spread by the disgruntle 40 individuals who he said are being led by some newly elected leaders within Ayivu Division.

The Mp has also challenge the individuals who are after also to open their eyes on those who are grazing and planting trees in the forest why are they only concern about his piece of land he acquired legally and the development he wants to put on the piece of land.

There are some people who are planting trees, grazing animals Barifa why it these people are not concerned.

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