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“I have a calling to be a Religious leader” – Fiamani XBishop

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. Controversial rapper turned singer, Fiamani XBishop has stunned his staunch fans after declaring that he intends to become a religious leader in the near future. XBishop, real name Amani Robbin Bishop has always faced it rather tough in trying to promote his music brand since many religious people take it that the title ‘Bishop’ cannot be thrown around, referring to it as blasphemy. However, what many do not understand is that ‘Bishop’ is the singers’ Christian given name and so it is recognized in his legal documents. In an interview during the ‘Uganda music mix’ on Radio Pacis hosted by Paris last weekend, X cleared the doubts of many when he opened up about his real name being Bishop. He also confessed to having felt that the name was not given to him by mistake so he feels it is a divine calling to serve the Lord in the near future. 

I am a Christian, the name was given to me by my parents.  I do not have any intentions of undermining the Christian faith. I respect the Christian view so much but I also love the name, reason I adopted it as my stage name too.

To note is that Fiamani XBishop started out as ‘X-Boyfriend’ in his early music days before choosing to adapt and replace ‘Boyfriend’ with his given name ‘Bishop’.

 During the interview, the host Paris questioned X on his latest viral song ‘Bomb’ which has left many asking what message the singer is trying to convey. The singer responded by saying he is simply painting the picture of what is happening amongst world superpowers at the moment. “Every nation is building nuclear weapons and so everywhere there is war” ( Extract from the audio ‘Bomb’ by XBishop).

Paris further challenged the singer on his career intentions having studied political science at the University level, asking him if he intended to make an appearance on the political scene .. to which X laughed and replied

I have a calling to serve God as a religious leader, maybe  a ‘Bishop’ you never know ..

X then took the chance to announce his new musical piece, the fifth jam he is dropping off the ‘Nuclear Weapon’ album. He previously released four songs off the album which include: ‘Bomb’, ‘Unana’ ft Tino Beliz & Issa Ghad, ‘E’yo alari’, and ‘Mama’. The Singer simply hinted that this new song is a reunion featuring a top West Nile act whose name he concealed. We bet you all know that from this point on, we cannot leave you in the dark about who the anonymous artist is as soon as it is revealed.  

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