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I have been sober for the last 8 Months. I am ready to resume with the music – LMB

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. Legendary West Nile Hip Hop artist LMB Rags has resurfaced after a long spell of being off the music scene. There has recently been unverified news making rounds that Hip Hop icon LMB Raggs is in a bad health state, seeking financial support from fans. This information has been nullified by the legendary Gbara flow rapper earlier today  through a live interview via PETER DE ROCK Facebook page. LMB asked his fans to disregard any information they get from random sources about his private life.

To him, he had been having a season of bad health for the past few months but he has fully recovered on monitoring and advice from qualified doctors. The ‘Ma obira’ rapper admitts that he had been battling a serious addiction to alcohol but he recently turned around after doctors advising him.

I confess to my fans that I got a little carried away by alcohol. I have been advised by doctors to quit so as to sustain my life longer . I can proudly say that I have been sober for the last eight months and I feel ready to resume from where I stopped with the music. Everyone should expect the original L-M-B back with the rhymes. The rapper confidently affirms.

Asked what new projects he has for the fans, LMB says he has a collection of songs in studio that he could not release in 2021 due to his health condition but intends to compile them to make up his first ever album that he will drop in 2022.

LMB Raggs is regarded by many as the father of Hip Hop in West Nile and rated in the caliber of music legends such as Lumix da don since he blazed the trail for the roots of Hip Hop and Local music in general. In his early music days, LMB introduced the culture of Hip Hop as a lifestyle, unleashing eye opening tracks such as ‘Hustler’ ‘Juakali’ ‘Omba’ and others that got him wide recognition in the region since no artist was rapping in Lugbara. He coined the term “Gbara flow’ in regard to rap in Lugbara.  The ‘Hustler’ rapper through his street targeted music opened the way for a new genre of music opposed to the cultural inspired music at the time. There were the Black Harmony, JM Kennedy, Ghetto boys, Madi Homa boys and numerous other traditionally inspired brands who passed messages through their music. However, the region never had a clue that Hip Hop could sound dope in Lugbara. And hence came the black beast! A local story teller who passed his message in the local language; drew inspiration from within; and appealed to the local audience from his roots.  Welcome back Legend!

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