You are currently viewing I have not yet listened to the so called ‘Binu Kadhu’ song – Lucky Dee

I have not yet listened to the so called ‘Binu Kadhu’ song – Lucky Dee

Lucky Dee has come out to clarify how he doesn’t have time to reply to Bush Boy‘s direct punch track ‘Binu Kadhu.’

A few weeks ago the West Nile Scaredem-Crew founder Bushy Da King along with Nebbi-based junior singer Justin Khalyf came out with a new song pinning Lucky Dee on a butchery wall.

In the song, they reminded Lucky Dee of how his reign is numbered and irrelevant he is soon to become without a legacy because he is greedy and has failed to mentor/raise any upcoming singer under his label.

However, a section of the public advised Bush Boy to be mature and stop crying like upcoming artists. They further told him to stick in his lane and not attack the trouble–base boss whom they threw in his face as being his “music son.”

Fans from the different camps have long pinned the singers against each other on who is the better artist. It is no secret that the two Artists were at one point in the same camp “West Nile Scaredem-Crew” from where Bush Boy initiated Lucky Dee into the starship world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that beef seems like boiling upon who sits at the helm of Alur music.

This has though been catalyzed by last year’s badmouth, where Lucky Dee bashed out Bushy Boys’ collaboration with W’jok Dekoda calling it a fake song.

Seems the ‘Madit Kwo’ singer won’t give the debate ground to escalate as he quickly shuts it. Lucky Dee says he has not yet listened to the song and does not have the time.

So many people told me about the song, but if what they are saying is real then Bushy should know that my downfall or rise is absolutely none of his business. – Says Lucky

The Trouble base singer added, saying he has no time for such stalking kind-of-songs and less important things. He’s focussed on building his brand and things that add value to him.

I’m focusing on my business. Why should I give unimportant things my time? Lucky added

This is not the first time fellow Alur artists are being against each other. It should be recalled that a few years back, Brayo & Ziggy had the same head-to-head lyrical clash with Bush Boy.

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    We are after quality songs! We never mind of who introduced the other.✌️

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