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Injah Kingsman makes his Triumphant Return with ‘Nyam’

Injah Kingsman drops off his first official song since 2016.

2020 has certainly delivered in the best of music, it’s been a great year for new hits! But as a number of new artists begin to make waves in the industry, some of the biggest stars from around the region are making a comeback to music in 2021!

It’s been quite a while since we last heard of Injah King, and even longer since he released a new song – three years, to be exact.

South African based West Nile Reggae icon Injah Kingsman makes a comeback with a new single ‘Nyam’, a song produced by Wheely Wills of Prowave Tech from Johannesburg.

“I took my own time to work on the music and myself. Of course‚ there was pressure to release music‚ but I didn’t take that into account until I felt I was ready. I believe in my music. I believe that it is timeless. And relevance is not something that I take into account. I am just focused on the music and was confident that if I had to make a comeback‚ it will be well received‚” he said.

Injah, best known for hits songs Like ‘Give me Love’ , ‘Desire Luzinda’ among others, says he jumped at the chance to record again, adding that ‘Nyam’ was inspired by the positive vibes at Prowave Tech.

‘Nyam’ is masterpiece Reggea vybe, It was released on the 2nd March and making rounds on both local and international airwaves.

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