Gossip| The Northern Link UG. There was a time when no event around town would be complete without West Nile dynamic duo Endy Joe and Vairas headlining it. They had won the hearts of many and become the ‘sweet hearts’ on the local entertainment scene.

A brief background about the duo is that they caught the attention of the industry in 2013 with their dancehall banger ‘Dancehall magic’. The two got everyone inquiring where the combination of the sweet-voiced singer (Endy Joe) and rugga muffin-styled artist (Vairas) came from. The duo went on to do more catchy tunes like Terego princess, Sauti malamu and others that sealed them their spot in the industry.

In 2014, the duo got a management and distribution deal with Jeff Junior under his ‘Humble’ management scheme and they only rocketed. They began getting bookings from all over the country and hit the climax of their music career in 2017. During this period they had hits like Liliana, Olivia, say my name, and others that were getting massive airplay in the region. This period also saw the duo get recognized in awards in the Northern region for categories of reggae and dancehall. They enjoyed the good ride until two years later in 2019 when things went south and the two had to part ways.

This media caught up with Vairas who has since gone by the name Vairas Onestone. According to him, it all happened like a joke because breaking up the duo was the last thing on his mind. Vairas says that Endy Joe is not his first duo partner, he had worked with one artist in his early music days and the artist had abruptly switched careers, leaving him stranded.

When he first moved to Arua, he had the intention of working with Young Lemon in a duo partnership which Lemon had accepted but by the time they were supposed to start recording, Lemon had been thrown into Jail. He then looked around for options and found Endy who was positive about the idea and so they started the journey.

However, Vairas recalls that he had shared his idea of a duo with some industry stakeholders one notable one being Free boy who advised him against a duo.

Free boy painted the picture of a duo similar to that of marriage. One cannot make decisions without the other and when one party does  not comply, divorce occurs. Vairas narrates.

Asked what the main reason for breaking up with Endy is, Vairas admits that they had their personal issues and disagreements on how to run the duo. He is quick to say he never wanted it to end in a breakup but his partner thought differently. The ragga star also adds that feedback from the audience contributed to the situation as fans kept comparing them with some saying Endy is a better artist. This brought in ego issues and may have induced Endy to feel he could handle a solo career. Vairas concluded with a firm statement saying he will never consider being a duo with any artist but rather focus on his solo music career which to him has started blossoming.

Vairas Onestone has since gone solo and swears never to work in a duo setting.

Ever since the two broke up, they have been trying to kick start their solo careers. Endy Joe stuck to the singing and switched to more Afro beats with hits like ‘Awa’ while Vairas has attached himself to the rasta community doing more of reggae, ragga and some dancehall with songs such as ‘Boda boda man’. Who is doing better musically is best left for the fans to decide.

Vairas has also gone ahead to revolutionize the ‘Buffalo camp’ brand signing with him new generation music artists who include; V click, West B, and Empress Gwala whom he has helped make relevant on the music scene.

Attempts by this platform to reach Endy Joe and hear his side of the story has since been futile but we promise to keep you posted as always.

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