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Is Singer Freddie Line intending to fly solo?

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. One thing about hardcore music fans is that they always keep track of their preferred entertainers even in periods where the entertainers hardly put out new content. This is the Reason why a number of music stars around the world find it difficult to keep off the limelight and live a low profile life. But as the saying goes.. ‘It is what they signed up for!’ Isn’t it?

Well, fans of of Fredie Line, a melodious singer who broke through alongside his music duo partner, Hope Wakanda with a hit single dubbed “chinya” late in 2019 have been wondering what is going on within the camp. Fans have been expecting more music since the pair had grabbed the attention of many through their catchy musical pieces besides ‘Chinya’ such as ‘Mi si’ ‘Ma asi’ ‘Love si’ and lately ‘Tandi’ which is spreading viral. The duo had initially announced a concert they were to put up this year to introduce themselves to the fans but all was halted due to lockdown restrictions.

However, what has lately brought about a lot of debate is that Freddie Line recently started sharing music links and updates through his personal social media pages as opposed to the usual ‘Freddie line and Hope Wakanda’ pages. Could it be that the male singer intends to take on a solo music career or it is just an avenue to grow his personal accounts? Also worthy to note is that Freddie Line has lately been sharing photos of himself and the photos do not seem to be captured in familiar vicinities thus raising concern as to whether the Mvara raised singer is really within the nation or has crossed borders for greener pastures. In one particular pic he shared on his Freddie line Facebook page, the Church bred singer is seen posing in front of a red luxurious  Ferrari car, holding a shopping bag with the caption reading

Stepped out shopping in a new style, Love y’all fam

One of the photos on Freddie Lines’ Facebook page that is making fans talk.

Attempts to reach Freddie Line and get into the gist of all this have unfortunately been to no avail since his official contacts are unreachable. All these are reasons bloggers and music analysts are alleygating that the Singer is silently working on something big but whatever it is that Freddie Line is up to, we promise to find out and let you know.

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