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IssaGhad – Rapper to watch in 2021

Star to watch in 2021 – Issa Ghad

Issa Ghad is a conscious rapper who hails from Gambella, Western Ethiopia. He is so much affiliated to Arua, West Nile region of Uganda.

“Power of Love” was his first attempt at making drills in the music industry in 2014, It never worked as he expected but after focusing on a more melodic style in the past recent years, The star never stopped dropping unbearable but nice-to-ear bars.

He raps mostly in English and has a huge fan base in Urban areas of Africa and the Western. He is a professional in multimedia and animation.

Issa Ghad has the kind of natural charisma it takes to become a major star.

The Ada Awards – West Nile Fashion and Entertainment awards Best rapper nominee has quality music that is more than enough to hold our attention. Possessing an exceptional ear for melody, IssaGhad writes songs that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. And as you keep playing them over and over, you’ll pick up on his knack for storytelling, too. With each new track, He lets everyone on a new chapter of his life story, while proving himself as one of the best new melodic urban rappers out. He really has it all.

The rapper has surrounded himself with a strong support system, setting himself up for an explosive year as he gets ready to drop more new projects. Don’t be surprised when you see his name all over in the next 12 months. The future is bright for ISSA GHAD

As part of his 2021 projects, IssaGhad has dropped Mega HD visualizer for his single ‘Lotto’

Check it out

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