Party-The Northern Link UG: When it comes to deejaying in the region, the name DJ Black surely echoes far and wide. This young lad has been one of the fastest rising DJ brands from within West Nile. He has been able to traverse the whole country on gigs from Gulu, Lira, Adjumani up to Kampala. Mentored and signed to the DBK DJ’s, DJ Black is slowly following into the steps of his mentors DJ Mandezo, DJ Dranix and others. He has been creatively aggressive with his brand, something not too many have done before.

A solo cover impression of DJ Black for the Caribbean edition of his Mixtape party.

This media caught up with the ‘Dark plan’ DJ ahead of his ‘Welcome to my mixtape party’ set to go down on 24th December at Coco palm this year. Black is just from a Gulu trip as one of the headliners at the open mic festival, an annual event. He looks visibly exhausted with a hoarse voice but goes on to give us some time to answer our questions and we get straight on:

Asked how the deejaying journey has been like so far, Black lets out a sigh and puts out one word ‘Rough’..

It has been rough especially when it comes down to the payment as some of the clients who hire you don’t close up the deals. But it has been a good experience in general.

On how it all started and where he draws inspiration from, the 22 yr old says he draws experience from a lot of DJs in the industry like DJ Dranix, DJ Mandezo, Sir Aludah, DJ Ciza among others.

Before I became a DJ, I was a dancer so the love for music has always been in me, adds Black.

According to DJ Black, not a lot has changed in the industry ever since he joined especially in West Nile.

Although the payments have improved, they are still not enough and DJs deserve much better.

He refers to a recent outburst he made on social media about bar owners not appreciating DJs enough yet they are the reason their places are busy and lively. He however hopes all this will change for the better.

DJ Black believes that the DJs deserve better for the work they do

When questioned about why deejaying has not been a fruitful venture in the region as many have quit to try out other opportunities, the dark plan DJ admits it is a tough one.

Uumm.. recently I met a DJ who is now hawker and back then he was a big deal. To me I think it’s your mindset as an entertainer to really think about how you want to end what you started. And the DJs back then somehow f**ked this whole thing by accepting whatever they were offered on the table. And now it is our work as the new generation DJs to change this thing and it starts NOW!..

About his upcoming mixtape party on 24th December, Black says he has a lot in stock for his people.

They should expect a lot of fun, good music, networking and a day to remember. Said an optimistic Black.

The official mixtape party cover impression happening on 24th Dec ft a long list of other DJs plus artists

DJ Black concludes by talking about his dreams and aspirations on how far he wants to go as a DJ.

I have always aimed high and I still do. My dreams are even heavier than my kg’s as of now.. He adds jokingly.

DJ black is arguably the most consistent DJ of the new generation. His unique and versatile style of not only fusing several genres of music but also hyping his own sets makes him the most sort after party DJ. We hope you take time off to come witness some DJ Black magic yourselves this Saturday at Coco palm Arua.

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