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It is time to add value to our industry – LP Shaddy

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. Following the “Back to work West Nile concert” held on 12th February 2022 organized by the government of Uganda, there has been a number of mixed reactions from various industry stakeholders in the region with several decrying foul play in the way local entertainers were handled for their performances.

Self proclaimed West Nile music messiah, LP shady went live on his Facebook account where he called out every party involved in the organization of the event. He clearly expressed being unhappy first of all with the person in charge of the event. To him, whoever was contacted to handle the even should have first reached out to JM Kennedy who is the recognized leader of the Uganda music association (UMA), West Nile chapter. He specifically called out Man Patto who was in charge of the proceedings, saying he is a comedian and so part of the entertainers who had no business running the show. He complained that this has always been a loophole where they (entertainers) are exploited by their own people since it makes it difficult to demand for accountability.

Lp went ahead to express his discontent over how the stage issues were handled and managed, sighting scenarios where the local artists were given limited periods of time to perform with some being forced off stage and yet Ragga Dee who came from the central was allowed to perform several songs.

Ragga Dee was totally irrelevant for this concert. How can you shame our legendary Black Harmony duo by snatching the mic from the & on top pay them less and then allow the faded Ragga Dee sing his faded songs for all that long, also pay him handsomely. Why did you call it a ‘West Nile concert’ then? Ranted LP.

NTV’s Etania (Life of the party) takes a light picture moment in front of thousands of revelers who turned up for the ‘Back to work’ concert at the West Nile Gold grounds. Photo by NTV Uganda.

Shady unapologetically lashed out at the central industry that only focuses on Buganda music and ignores any other tribes outside. He mentioned living examples like Coco Finger, Jackie Chandiru whom he claims have been fought off that industry because of tribal issues sighting an act like Free Boy who cannot even get any bookings simply because he does not hail from there.

The motor mouthed artist then turned his guns to the local industry that has forever failed their own artists by prioritizing foreign content which makes it impossible for the industry to thrive. He particularly called out the media for not giving attention to the home artists and the promoters for paying more to artists from central than those at home.

When a presenter plays two songs from West Nile on his show, he feels he has done a lot but he can play Nigerian songs the whole day. We have very useless presenters and DJs, they have let us down” cried Shady. It is time we add value to our industry by the media playing West Nile content, Promoters paying us better and the fans according us respect. If artists are paid well, they are definitely going to reinvest back here and in turn employ more people which means we shall all win. I don’t think an artist paid 10m from Kampala is going to put back the money here, this is what we all fail to see.

The ‘Teacher fighting’ singer went ahead to boldly confront the NRM government for failing them from West Nile. He confessed being in Gulu during the lockdown  where huge amounts of money was dished out to artists from the central but only 7 million allocated to West Nile. He called out General Moses Ali, Gen Saleem Saleh and Igwe for tarnishing the name of the party (NRM) because they allow unfairness to continue right under their nose.

If this is how NRM operates, we are not voting for them come 2026 said a rather disgruntled LP.

He then concluded chanting lines of “Ale Yellow ku” (We do not want yellow).

Not only L.p shady but several of the entertainers who were present that day did not seem to be happy with the way the proceedings were handled. It is said that many of them were paid a sum of 150,000 or less with the big stars getting a maximum of 500,000 and yet some still never got paid. The back to work concert drew a mammoth crowd at the West Nile golf grounds and was aired on NTV as an episode of their famous Dance party show.

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