You are currently viewing J.M Kennedy narrates Gulu Ordeal, Urges West Nile entertainers to get organized.

J.M Kennedy narrates Gulu Ordeal, Urges West Nile entertainers to get organized.

West Nile’s celebrated music legend, J.M Kennedy who doubles as the current president of the Uganda Music Association (UMA), the West Nile cluster, has come out to clear the air on the recent happenings within the entertainment industry in Uganda that have caused confusion and misunderstanding on the local scene.

Addressing entertainers under Arua entertainment stake holders association on 30th August at country home Nsambia, Kennedy expressed disappointment with his home industry. Sighting the recent event in Gulu where enertainers convened from all over the country to meet the head of operation wealth creation Gen Salim Saleh which is a recent government move to reach out to the creative industry. Kennedy narrates how he got a call to attend the event but he was first reluctant since he had not appointed his executive team. He however made sure he reached Gulu, only to be bounced at the gate saying he was not on the list.

This stunned him since he just got recently appointed as UMA president for Westnile. The singer cum politician says he then realized all regions presented themselves under associations and yet West Nile and Karamoja regions did not have any clusters or associations so they could not be recognized. This made him reflect so much on the industry back home pointing out the lack of unity among-st stakeholders. Earlier, some acts had initially attended another convention for promoters in Gulu organized by  Balaam which caused an uproar since only few members organized themselves and attended; a section of entertainers who had failed to embrace the office of JM Kennedy as the new UMA leader had threatened to demonstrate, accusing Kennedy and his team for concealing information regarding funds meant for them.

J.M Kennedy however distances himself and the new UMA leadership from any form of fraud. He further explained that the new UMA leadership at national level under Cindy was being fought by a section of artists led by Chameleone under the Uganda music Super star Association.

Kennedy asserts that during the meeting in Gulu, the head of operation wealth creation Gen Salim Saleh clarified that the government deals with creatives through a hierachy of associations; All funding comes through the Uganda national cultural coalition (UNCC) to the National cultural forum (NCF) then the Uganda music association (UMA) that currently has Cindy as its president.

The current radio presenter at Arua one FM stressed the need for entertainers to organize themselves in various clusters or as individuals and register themselves under the Uganda music association because this is the only channel through which the government can recognize and aid them. He went ahead to offer his commitment to the Arua entertainment stake holders association and requested to be part of it such that they would work hand in hand to share information and keep all stakeholders updated. The move was warmly welcomed by the executive of Arua entertainment stakeholders association and they promised to schedule more engagements.

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