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Jo Know, A star to watch this year

Star Watch | The Northern Link UG: Jo Know, This name has been around for a long time, but for some reason, he has not made his intentions clear until now. I first heard the name Jo Know in 2015, thanks to a few random projects he appeared on, one of which is the then famous North Face Cypher, featuring some of the finest Hiphop acts including artistes from Arua, Yumbe, and Adjumani, to mention but a few.

A lot has transpired since then and early this year 2022, I began to hear rumors, and before I could publish anything about them, I wanted to validate them, so I looked deeper. If I’m not incorrect, I believe I am the first or only blogger to report this news.

It is now official that Jo Know is a brand and has opted to pursue his musical talent from now on, with a song release set to hit the Internet waves this weekend, Saturday 30th at midnight to be exact.

The song titled ‘New Day’, on which he collaborated with Sydney Stiles, is the first single from the E.P ‘Finally Out’, which will establish Jo Know as an artist and a brand, and a lot more is on the way this year. Those of you who know Jo Know personally will agree that it has been a long time coming, but I say wait no longer for the moment has come, so sit back and enjoy the journey since it is now official.

Junior Jeff

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