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Joint Security Agencies call for calm in Uganda

NATIONAL: The  Joint Security Agencies in Uganda has called for calm among the population over the alleged shutdown of the country from Wednesday 03/2/2021 to Sunday 07/2/2021.

This comes following trending social media claims that there is going to be a shutdown in Uganda and people should keep home, schools will close, and other entities under unclear reasons.

However, this has brought panic among the general public forcing including institutions and some worship places to openly announce closer of their operations come Wednesday.

In a joint press release by the joint security agencies on Monday 1/2/2021 under the Ref number PRO 132/01 signed by the Deputy Inspector of Police Maj General Paul Lokech, the security agencies treated the alleged shutdown as rumors and urge the citizens to remain call and continue with their normal activities.

The UPDF spokesperson West Nile Lt Lauben Ndifula in addition urges the general public to continue with their normal operations as security is on alert.

“ We have been monitoring all that’s on social media, people should not believe in those propagandas, we are steady and people should not take these rumors to cause anxiety .”

We know all these are to satisfy someone or a political interest but we shall not allow anyone to play with this country. ‘Ndifula said’

The chairperson chamber of commerce Jackson Atima who is also the Member of Parliament elect for Arua Central division said he received reports from the business community over the matter but urge them to stop believing in such rumors.

“ I have confirmed from the department of security, business, and other ministries that nothing of this will happen, and I want to tell my business community to continue with their business.”

Meanwhile, the resident city Commissioner Arua Nahori Oya who is also the chairperson security committee in the district appeals to community members to coordinate with the security in weeding those involved in spreading such rumors.

“ People should remain alert about those spreading rumors and should report with immediate effect to avoid escalation.”

By the Ugandans constitution, the country comes in a state of emergency or complete shutdown when uncontrollable circumstances emerge in the country and the speaker is mandated to be in charge and this is communicated officially

Two days to the presidential and parliamentary elections on 12/14/2021, the government of Uganda shut down the internet intentionally to prevent harmful communications that would bring insecurity during and after the general elections and this was gradually removed after the declaration of presidential elections.


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