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Kampala based Alur Artiste cries out for support

It’s a gross oversimplification to say the better the art, the more passionate fans will be, but it is the general trend. For musicians, success is ultimately measured by listenership and the passion of their fans, because those two things are what lead to sales, streams, popularity, and everything else. Chart positions are a test of the art and the fans.

In a strive to breakthrough, Kampala-based Alur singer Ckaydeez has raised concern to the fans for not paying attention to his art.

Ckaydeez claims the local music fans and radio presenters only give support to the home-based talent and forget them even when they do all it takes to get the airplays.

“I have passionately done almost all it takes to breakthrough but all the efforts seem not to be yielding any fruit,” he says

Just like any sort of test or competition, humbleness negates the satisfaction of doing well. After a clue of him working on a new single, Ckaydeez with his heart and soul poured down, the singer has humbly requested fans, Radio Presenters, DJs, and all the stakeholders to consider every singer regardless of the location.

Ckaydeez is known for ‘Mar Sente’ a Collaboration where he featured West Nile R&B Artist of the Year Elton Loverboy

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