You are currently viewing Kartx Manager and Lb Sweaz officially part ways

Kartx Manager and Lb Sweaz officially part ways

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | The young promising act who signed to Pioneer Music Entertainment owned by Makosa Carney popularly known as Kartx Manager 2 years ago, has so far been able to stamp his presence as one of the brightest young prospects on the West Nile Music scene with his teeming talent & the management’s direction. But the latest developments and signs are indicating that the smooth relationship between the singer and his management might have hit the rocks.

Noticeable is the fact that Karts who didn’t reveal details of the split from Lb Sweaz, took to Pioneer Music’s official Facebook page, to make the shocking announcement.

In a humble way, we want to wish you well in yo next journey, carry along your humbleness, never change, while with us you were a loyal servant, Pioneer Music Entertainment loves you and will continue wishing you well

Cc. Kartx Manager

An insider close to the team who chose to remain anonymous revealed that all is definitely not well at Pioneer’s camp with the artiste’s family agitating on a couple of internal irreconcilable differences and failure to reach a compromise on a number of issues with mismanaging of funds being the major factor for the split.

Further investigation indicates that the family of LB Sweaz were unhappy with the way Karts Manager handles their son’s business. For that matter, they requested that he should lay off his hand and leave the artiste for them to manage.

According to Kartx, the parents did not clearly stipulate what he had done wrong, noting that Lb Sweaz was always in the know of all their dealings and plans. 

I have no problem with their decision, it is now upon them. I have done all I could out of the love and passion I have for the industry and Lb Sweaz as a promising talented fella and indeed we reached some heights. I wish him the best in his next destination. Says Kartx in a phone interview.

Following the contract termination, it is reported that the ‘Kan Abic’ hitmaker is linked to a move to Love me entertainment – a label owned by Byeyale town-based businessman.

It’s not the first time Karts manager and artists have split up. In 2018, he and Elton Loverboy parted ways; on a good term. Kartx has since steered Elton’s career with a firm hand, helping to lead him toward hit singles, a massive album tour, and a remarkably poised reputation something which he has passionately done for LB Sweaz as well.

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