Kitgum municipality impounds pigs, goats for causing accidents

News | The Northern Link UG: Authorities in Central division, Kitgum municipality have started impounding animals found loitering within their jurisdiction and levying fines on the owners.

Geoffrey Toolit, the LC3 chairperson Kitgum central division, says that stray animals such as goats, cattle, and pigs disrupt traffic, and have in some cases caused accidents.

As a result, the leaders of the division last week impounded fourteen heads of cattle and committed their owners to pay a fine of 50,000 shillings per animal before they were released.

John Bosco Kidega, the town clerk Central Division, Kitgum municipality says there are many domestic animals that are left to roam within the urban center.

Kidega says the division is still using their parking lot to keep impounded animals, but they plan to gazette a place to keep such animals as they wait for their owners.

He says apart from creating a traffic mess, the roaming animals have been destroying the trees planted along the roads to beautify the environment within the municipality.

It is a common practice for owners of domestic animals in Acholi to leave their animals to forage the entire period of the dry season, due to scarcity of pasture.

However, Kidega says this should not be made a habit, saying animals within urban centers should not be left unattended, but be confined and given pasture from their houses, or taken to areas with large spaces where they can graze freely.

He says the authorities will continue impounding the animals and levying fines on those found let loose within the urban center.

Kidega cites that any person whose cattle is found loitering within the division will pay 50,000 shillings per cattle, and loitering goat owners 30,000 shillings per animal.

Section 1 of the Animals Straying Act of 1922 authorizes an administrative unit, veterinary or police officer, or inspecting officer to impound any animal found roaming. While section 2 of the same Act permits the magistrate to order for the sale of the animal and decide what to do with the proceeds of the sale.

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