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Land Wrangles Delay Redevelopments of Arua Regional Airport

WEST NILE | THE NORTHERN LINK UG: The Civil Aviation Authority  (CAA) is currently stuck with the redevelopment of Arua Regional Airport following land wrangles surrounding the project.

This was disclosed by the Director-General of the  Civil Aviation Authority  Fred Bamwesigye.

He said that though the Authority wants this project take shape but are faced with a problem of a group of people claiming the ownership of this land and as a result CAA can take ahead of this project after compensating the landowners yet they don’t have the required fund to settle them.

“The fencing of Arua regional airport 55%has been hampered by the land wrangles where very many people are claiming over the land.” Said Fred Bamwesigye.

He said that among the group of people who are claiming this land include the Former president of Uganda Late Idi Amin Dada.

Fred Bamwesigye now wants Parliament to intervene together with the president to enable CAA to secure this land for Arua Regional Airport to serve places like DRC, South Sudan, and northern Uganda effectively.

“The problem of Arua has been the land compensation and the ones who are demanding are not these claimants now we also have the family members of the former president of Uganda Iddi Amin and this need to be handle after discussing with the president,” Fred Bamwesigye said.

The member of parliament for Koboko County in Koboko district Ambassador James Baba said that the government should engage the local leadership of Arua, including the area members of parliament to ensure that land wrangles surrounding the redevelopment of Arua regional Airport are settled and the project is completed.

“ Previously the first compensations were handled because the local leaders were involved and if the local leaders like the area members of parliament are involved it will help a lot in settling the matter,” Ambassador James Baba said.

The current state of Arua Airfield as seen from above.

Arua and Kasese airfields are in particular planned for development to airports of category 4C that can handle aircraft of size B737 – 500 series. The master plan and preliminary engineering designs for Arua and Gulu have been completed. The plans provide for a code 4D runway of 2700metres by 45metres for Arua.



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