You are currently viewing Lovenerd set to release final project “KABANZA” after motor accident blow.

Lovenerd set to release final project “KABANZA” after motor accident blow.

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. After almost two years without releasing new music, Madi music prince Silman Emmanuel better known as Lovenerd was set to make a return to the scene this year only to be taken back by a motor accident.

Lovenerd who is officially signed to Panga music government under Slaughterman has had a blossoming music career for a few years now, releasing household tunes such as Fun, Gameti, Nya and others that have made the young star a darling of the Madi land music industry. He is one of the local acts who aims so high to ensure his music echoes wide, working with sound engineers as far as South Sudan and Kampala.

Towards the end of last year, Lovenerd had announced his album dubbed ‘Africa’ that he promised would change the face of the local industry given its’ indigenous but globally targeted content, only to call it off saying he was yet unable to fund the album since it needed heavy investment and he lacked the funds. The versatile artist then went on to announce an E.P dubbed ‘Kabanza’ early this year in February and has ever since been working towards its release.

However, tragedy struck two weeks ago when the singer was involved in a nasty motor accident that nearly claimed his life. This incidence set him back as it halted working on his projects for some time and sadly affected his ability to create and record songs. In a press release after the accident, Lovenerd wrote:

Kabanza the E.P may be my last attempt at singing. I think I have lost my ability to create and record songs. The accident had far reaching effects. I regret to inform you my dear fans and well-wishers.

A photo of Lovenerd after the accident that he shared on his social media. The accident could permanently affect his ability to create music.

This announcement was met with numerous sad reactions from several fans of the artist who is widely regarded a revolutionary act in Madi music. Speaking to this platform in a phone interview, Lovenerd confirms that his team is going on with the unveiling of KABANZA the E.P which will have a release party on Friday 18th March 2022.

KABANZA the E.P is set to be unveiled this Friday 18th March 2022.

According to him, he had given enough time for artists to shine during his two year break but none of them utilized it and so it is his turn. Asked what Kabanza means, he says it is a street slang used in Madi in reference to street smart fellows commonly known as ‘Muyayi’ in general Ugandan context. They could be politicians dressed in suits or just ordinary people all looking for survival.

Official tracklist for “KABANZA’ the E.P by Lovenerd

The said E.P is slated for release this Friday with a party at Penthouse Adjumani hosting only 100 fans paying 50,000 Shs only and featuring surprise artists. Lovenerd remains optimistic that the accident may not have ruined everything about his career but promises to keep his fans and well-wishers updated about the progress. We promise to do the same as always.


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