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Loveson Controlla ditches album title ‘World wide’ for ‘Vibranium’

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. Re-Known legendary West Nile music act Loveson Controlla had initially named his album ‘World wide” which was slated to drop at the start of 2020 but after the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, some features changed. The vocalist speaking to this platform admits that the break in everything gave him time to reflect more and so he had to make a few changes.

I initially came up with ‘World wide’ which my team accepted but then after much thought, it hit me that it is a commonly used slogan amongst artists all over and so I decided to change it since the pandemic gave me more time to redress the whole album. To all the fans who have been anticipating the drop, be ready to welcome ‘Vibranium’ the album anytime soon’.

Asked on the significance of the album title  ‘Vibranium’, the ‘Vako’ singer says it is literally the same thing as ‘World wide’. He just wants to spread his musical vibes that should go viral or ‘World wide’ in this case. Controlla kicked off 2020 in high gear with a hit single dubbed ‘Do niya’ and also ‘Ayii’ ft Lyricist. This was all leading to the drop of his now ‘Vibranium’ album initially ‘World wide’.

Controlla says he is aiming to expand his brand presence and his target now is the continet. He is currently working on a project dubbed ‘Mbele mbele’ featuring DJ Hearts, a track that has had a touch from different producers. It was initiated at Joshman’s Malcom records, sent for mastering to Daddy Andre and Herbert Skillz before being sent back to Joshman for the finall product. According to the Koboko bred star, ‘Mbele mbele’ is set to drop with it’s visuals which he is currently working on and there after his team will officially announce  ‘Vibranium’ the album.

Controlla on set during ‘Mbele mbele’ video shoot. A song featuring DJ Hearts which he says will drop before announcing the new album.

Controlla is argubly one of the most versatile acts in the land given that he started out as a rapper before switching to singing. He is an award winning act (Northern Uganda male artist of the year 2017) who has delivered all time legendary projects some of which include; ‘Love is all we got’, Saka nabu, ‘Ayaya’, ‘Vako’, and let us not forget a whole collaborative album dubbed ‘Kongolo’ featuring the legendary Gbaraspoken emcee. Where it goes from here is what we promise to keep you posted on.

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