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Loveson Controlla in Eviction scandal

Gossip| The Northen Link UG.  Many people have the perception of looking at the lives of public figures or celebrities as glittering Gold, thinking that they are loaded and do not struggle with ordinary things. Well, like the saying goes ‘Not all that glitters is Gold’. The ongoing lockdown has hit hard on many citizens of all kinds, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Some have found ways of survival while others are struggling to do so.

This was recently evidenced by popular West Nile vocalist Loveson controlla who recently got evicted from his rented house in Onzivu. This media had learned that Controlla had fallen behind rent schedules by at least four months prompting his landlord to put a padlock on his door, confiscating all his belongings, and throwing him out.

The irony is that the said landlord happens to be Fat A, a fellow legendary artist who has been in the real estate business for some time now. The scandal had initially been off the media for over a month but just recently blew off on a local radio station in the city.

Speculations also indicate that Fat A, the landlord recently hit the studio to record a song title ‘Enjo’ (Lies) which sources claim is dedicated to the ‘Saka nabu’ hit singer. However, when approached to learn more, the Gomba base president confirms that he indeed threw out Controlla for failing to pay up to four months of rent but he completely denies getting inspiration to his ‘Enjo’ song from this scandal.

I only recorded my song dedicated to all those telling lies here and there. Never did I have it intended to sing about the rent scandal. I have been in this business for sometime and dealt with several tenants of such nature so it is not news to me. Fat A said.

Fat A also admits that he intentionally locked the door to confiscate Controlla’s property until he clears his arrears and if he takes long, he would have to take other drastic measures to recover his money.

Loveson Controlla was initially a rapper who turned to singing and broke through with his song ‘Saka nabu’ in 2013. He went ahead to do other songs and was awarded as the best male artist in 2014. Close sources to the singer say he has since relocated to an unknown hood after the eviction. We will keep you posted.


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