You are currently viewing Lp Shaddy and the gang terribly beats up a music producer over social media attack

Lp Shaddy and the gang terribly beats up a music producer over social media attack

The outpouring of shock, anger over brutal attack on a Music Producer WizeTouch by Lp Shaddy.

The Producer was beaten up and left in shame by Lp Shaddy and his gang in a low-scale area of Sambya, Arua City on March 15, prompting a wave of outrage across West Nile region, with famous figures expressing their revulsion at the attack and concern for the victim.

A video shared on social media shows the producer identified as WizeTouch, being attacked by a mob of men commanded by Lp Shaddy, who hit him repeatedly with a bat, stripped off his wears and then kicked him as he lay on the ground half-naked, in the area of Sambya, Arua City.

Humiliated WizeTouch being stretched for cain

WizeTouch was part of a group of friends seated at the Studio. One witness, Brian Anzoba, told The Northern Link UG. The others including Urban Shatta managed to run away, he said, but the producer fell over as he tried to flee and was left isolated as Lp Shaddy and the gang attacked him and pelted him into a pool of embarrassment.

Half-naked producer crying for help

However, the self-proclaimed HipHop Messiah says he got fed up with the producer and one singer Urban Shatta for repeatedly insulting him and his family on Facebook.

For the record, Urban Shatta has been attacking several Artists on Facebook lately.

Famous West Nilers took to social media to express their outrage over the attack and best wishes for WizeTouch.

“The entertainment fraternity should ban Lp shaddy music for this kind of act, if what we are seeing is true. we all disagree at one point, we shouldn’t inflict pain on others for disagreeing with us. DISAGREEMENT BRING GROWTH” Bdong Brian

Artists, presenters, and all concerned parties should clearly come out to condemn what Lp did, How did we even get here” – Alzaid Victor 

“Lp Shaddy No No…We are family, the guy doesn’t deserve that pain bro!!!No” – Hassan D’Bigbrother



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  1. Yengatu

    Our musicians lack career guidiance. Beating up some one and exposing them on camera is a sign of immaturity and back-wardness.

  2. Cali Brilliant

    So it’s wise for the producer to attack and wrong for LP to hit back………. Double standards here. The pair should have a round table and iron thwir shit out

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