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Lucky Dee drops a masterpiece ahead of Canada performance

NEW RELEASE | THE NORTHERN LINK UG | Coming all the way from the kitchen, Lucky Dee has been one of your favorite in the game. He’s back with all the juice in his new track “Kwo Minusu”.

Kwo Minusu, a song about a generation forced to live on the edge, is now available. The very experimental tune, which effectively delivers a persuasive moral compass to the listener in Alur proverbs, is now available on all major digital music platforms. The song begins gently with incent lyrics telling the listener to prepare for delight. But, without warning, it quickly takes on the feel of a homily, with Lucky Dee playing the role of a wise Alur elder, offering a lyrical manual for people in need of motivation.

Kwo minusu is Lucky dee’s follow-up to his smash single Lworo Binega, which featured Pato Loverboy, and a strident cry for moral rearmament by society in the grip of self-destruction. The smart usage of Alur words heightens the song’s poignancy and keeps it on topic, while the catchy rhythm of the Lingala-like beat nudges the audience to their feet. Kwo Minusu, therefore, succeeds as a beautiful masterwork that both instructs and entertains; a subtle redirection of the focus of entertainment insiders to the necessity to protect society’s well-being through music.

This masterpiece was produced by Deepan pro at DCN Recordz and mastered at Mastermind records by experienced music “doctor Producer Wani.

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