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Lyrical Terrorist announces album dates for “My Bestie”

Gossip| The Northern Link UG | Award-winning Kakwa flow rapper, Lyrical terrorist has announced a studio album after a long spell. The lyrical terrorist also known as a video director under the name Dir Malish is a Koboko-Kampala bred hip hop act who recently moved to Juba in South Sudan to expand his music ventures.

L.T started his music career in the early 2000’s rapping in sluggish American English in a struggle to emulate his mentors at the time such as Lil Wayne and Birdman. However, it later struck him that he could use what he learned from his mentors to develop local art.  The rapper then switched to using his native language Kakwa to rap and educate the streets, kick-starting his music career almost at once. He put out some bangers like Dekika, Definition, and others that got him wide reception back home.

LT then teamed up with his brother Nasti J who is also widely considered a legend in the revolution of Kakwa flow. The two set up ‘Hustlers dream’ in the suburbs of Kampala and started working on their musical dreams as they did the business bit of it to survive. Nasti J being a producer took up producing commercially besides doing it for themselves while L.T ran the video production side for the company. The business picked up well but as the economy grew tighter, it could no longer sustain them adequately prompting their relocation to South Sudan in 2019 since they already had a wide audience thanks to Kakwa flow.

Official cover impression for ‘MY Bestie’ album

Fast forward to 2021, Nasti J is a booming producer in the heart of Juba at riddim city records and L.T is a recording artist topping music charts. The hustlers’ dream is coming to realization! In an interview with this platform, an excited Lyrical terrorist announced his upcoming 3rd studio album dubbed ‘My Bestie’ which he says is aimed at preaching togetherness. According to him, when they first thought of moving to South  Sudan, they had fears of failing to connect with the industry stakeholders but it has turned out to be the opposite as they have been received with much love. This album is therefore to connect with everyone, the reason why it is merged in collabos.

Sudan is place of diverse tribal origins, I had to ensure I pass the message to as many as I can. Out of 9 songs, there are only two singles and the rest feature artists singing in different languages – L.T says

The rapper confirms the album in the picture is to be officially released on 19th October 2021 followed by a public premiere on 23rd October.

Tracklist for ‘My Bestie’ album by Lyrical Terrorist

Asked what he is doing for his audience back in Uganda, L.T says the album content covers everyone because of its’ richness in language and also powerful production by Nasti J and his co-producer Kaddo Waveline. He is also counting on marketing the album extensively and if all goes well, he intends to do a concert back in Koboko at the end of the year.

The album will be available for streaming and sale right here on The Northern Link UG

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