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Mike Legend, Ivan Shot abandons camera for microphone – Outs new song

NEW SONG: Blue Circle Boyz, are possibly going to be the loudest rappers in West Nile.

The award-winning video producer along with his work partner Ivan shot who is arguably one of the best photographers in the land abandons their work tools to collaborate with  Yo boy Ken, Asu Delz, and Hamz Deng on a Hip-Hop track ‘Dripping’. Produced by Yo boy ken.

Dripping official cover art

The boys started writing songs long ago with the intention of selling them to other artists but later ended up keeping them as their own when they realized the songs could catch up and indeed this first single is going to blow your mind.

They have a magical sound that is unique in the Rap music realm. The intricately produced song featuring Yo Boy Ken’s sweet and chipper voice paired with Mike Legend and Ivan shot’s kind of rough and gentle, lullaby-Esque voice for soothing rap harmonies. Due to their sound and lively lifestyles, the boys are likely to receive very positive reviews from music consumers.

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  1. Beenie K

    Ivan was a rapper way back in high school together with the Likes of Edems, I still can’t figure out why he
    had abandoned that talent to photography. Anyway, welcome back bro

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