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Education Ministry agrees to reopen schools next month, P1, P.2, P3, S.1 and S.2 given green light

News | The Northern Link UG | The government through the Ministry of Education and Sports has agreed to reopen schools in the first two weeks of September, giving priority to classes P.1, P.2, P.3, S.1, and S.2.

The decision was reached on Monday 30th August during a meeting between Education Ministry and stakeholders in the education sector. The virtual consultative meeting was held to discuss the Government proposals for reopening of education institutions for completion of the academic year 2020 and progression of learners to the next level amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The participants in the stakeholders’ meeting agreed that learners had lost a lot of valuable time and there was no need to wait for more months before schools can reopen.

It was agreed that when schools reopen in September, P.1 to P.3 pupils and S.1 to S.2 students will undergo 14 weeks of accelerated essential curriculum coverage for progression to the next class.

The government also proposed to admit all learners above six years of age to P.1 irrespective of whether they have been through nursery schools or not.

However, it’s not clear when the incoming S.1 and S.5 students whose exams were released last month, will start. For universities and other tertiary institutions, the government will prioritize reopening for finalists.

The Minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataha Museveni early this month appealed to teachers and learners aged 18 years and above to go for Covid-19 vaccination ahead of planned school reopening.

In her statement, Mrs. Museveni said following President Yoweri Museveni’s partial easing of the lockdown on some sectors on 31 July 2021, institutions of learning were kept closed for some time until certain conditions are attended to. These conditions included getting all teaching staff and learners aged 12 and 18 in the institutions vaccinated.

“Today, we appeal to the public to join us in efforts of mobilizing our teachers and learners aged 18 years and above in all the Education Institutions of Learning – both public and private, to go for their Covid-19 vaccination jab. The task of mobilizing our teachers and learners to get vaccinated cannot be left to the Ministry responsible for Education alone,” Mrs Museveni who is also the First Lady said.

“The Ministry of Health does publish information about all-district and health facilities these vaccines have been supplied to. The Ministry of Health shall inform the public once Covid-19 vaccines that are approved for people 12-16 years of age have become available. All vaccines issued by the government are not paid for by the recipients.”

She also urged all stakeholders in the local governments such as District Chairpersons and Councilors, RDCs and RCCs, CAOs, DEOs among others to go out and sound the trumpet of mobilizing teachers to be vaccinated.

“Please use your formal and informal structures to get your respective teaching staff and the critical non-academic staff to go get their Covid-19 jab.”

Last month while delivering his state of the nation address on Covid-19, President Museveni said schools will not reopen until a sizeable number of learners, teachers, and non-teaching staff have received at least one jab.

He, however, added that the Education ministry and their health counterparts should work out a plan that will see the reopening for medical students since they are categorized as health workers thus being essential.

The government will have to vaccinate at least 2.24 million people to have schools reopened. But, the achievement of this objective will depend entirely on the availability and supply of vaccines.

Uganda currently expects a supply of about 3.6 million Covid-19 vaccines. Of these, 1.6 million vaccines are donations from China, the united states, Norway, and the United Kingdom while the rest have been ordered by the government all expected to be received between August and September

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