You are currently viewing MOVIES: City of Destiny premieres on Saturday, 23rd 2021

MOVIES: City of Destiny premieres on Saturday, 23rd 2021

The movie’s release was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and three previous scheduled premieres were postponed

Gossip I The Northern Link UG I Northhood Production, a Gulu-based community organization is set to premiere it’s much anticipated movie “City of Destiny” this Saturday 23rd October at Bomah Hotel Gulu.

Northern Ugandan Movie stars will walk the red carpet at the star-studded and much-awaited premiere of the latest blockbuster, “City of Destiny”.

City of Destiny showcase the power and the mystical myths of ‘Kalawinya Hill‘ – believed to be the main cradle for ancestral spiritual power base for protecting the communities of Acholi land and its surroundings. It will finally hit big screens after its release was repeatedly postponed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to one of the movie’s producers, He said that this is a dream project for Northhood Production and their most ambitious and large-scale movie that the company has ever worked on.

“Creating visual impression of ancient stories is one of the best gift we’d ever give this generation. This is a dream project, the most ambitious and large-scale movie that we have ever acted. We have invested unprecedented sum in the production and promotion of this movie both in Uganda and abroad.

Originally, City of Destiny was primed to hit our screens last year, but post-production on the movie was delayed due to the pandemic, eventually pushing it back a full year

The movie boasts a starry ensemble of several northern Uganda celebrities.

Gate tax for the premiere stands at UGX 30,000/= General, 100,000/= V.i.p and 200,000/= for a table.
Click here to watch ‘City of Destiny’ trailer

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