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Music Producer ‘Rham Pro’ Becomes a Musician

Rham Pro is one of the talented music producers based in Paidha, West Nile. Currently, he has made a decision to execute music production and become a singer.

Talking about one of the most famous music producers turning into a musician in Uganda, it must be Daddy Andre, who comes to mind. However, there are still many other producers who are talented enough to be musicians, particularly singers. One of them is Rham Pro of Cyclop Records, a prolific producer based in Paidha.

The latest information coming from his camp indicates that he has decided to make and deliver the music himself to listeners by becoming a singer.
Rham is currently working on his first single as an artist. In his statement, he is confident enough to introduce his music to the world. his announcement found positive responses from music lovers.

In an interview with our reporter, Rham said that his music is highly developed and unique. It is the combination of high-energy beats, atmospheric production, and intricate and also smart flows. Despite those instrumental characteristics, his song lyrics are also meaningful and enjoyable.

“It is very interesting to produce my own music despite sitting behind the scenes in the studio. This thing is not only about showing off my ability in singing, more than that, my music can also be listened to and enjoyed by music lovers in West Nile, Northern Uganda, and the world. My music is unique, and I hope many people will love it,” Rham says

About Rham Pro.
Rham is a prolific music producer and upcoming artist who is based in Paidha. Previously, he worked with Producer Rinex at Power Records, M1 Records Kampala, and currently Cyclop Records – Paidha.
He boasts of Yalo Danz Breakthrough.


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