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Nasti J features on first ever duo album with South Sudanese artist

Gossip | The Northern Link UG. West Niles’s legendary music artist now cum producer Nasti Jay has come out to announce a new duo album featuring one Domi Dunia, a South Sudanese artist. Nasti Jay and his business partner Malish previously of Hustlerz dream recently moved to establish a base in South Sudan in 2019 and the two have been doing well in their ventures with Nasti J doing music production as Malish a.k.a L.T does video production.

Speaking to this media, the Kakwa flow legend says this is his first ever collaborative album and also his first major project ever since he shifted base to South Sudan. The album title “My better half” he says is inspired by love and consists of eight songs which include: Jealous, Call me, Ma azu, Still love you, Feeling your love, Waiting, My better half, Never hurt you.

Asked about his relationship with Domi Dunia, Nasti admits they have been friends for a long period of time until recently when Domi asked him for a collabo which he accepted and the two worked on the song “Jealous” that caught a vibe playing all over. Due to the success of the song, Domi’s management (HBM) and Nasti’s label (Riddim city) decided that the two artists work on a full album thus the initiation of “My better half”.

From the first song Jealous which already spread like wild fire, the subsequent songs have equally had the same impact on radios, the streets and everywhere.

In this album, I sing and rap. The feedback is already amazing especially from the ladies (laughs). During radio premiers, most of the listeners encouraged I and Domi to continue with the album which is a good sign and I promise to put in my best. Said an excited Nasti J.

According to Nasti, some of the songs have already been nominated in awards like the South Sudan music awards and so the two management teams are planning on a massive album release. Nasti J takes the credit for producing most of the songs off the album, partnering with his colleague Domi. He also adds that already four videos have been shot off the album and that the album premier will be done in a live band session on a date soon to be announced.

Nasti J is widely considered a legend on the West Nile music scene being a revolutionary in Kakwa flow. He took the industry by storm in his early days with banging rap songs such as Dani kegana, Roga, Nyarape, Sabi tai among others. He and business partner Malish look to be doing just fine in the South Sudanese industry and we can only wish them the best. Remember that we shall always keep you posted on the new album.

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