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Nebbi Performing artists in trouble over Emyooga fund

Gossip | The Northern Link UG | Nebbi Municipality Performing Artist Sacco Members who owe the society about 20 million in outstanding loans have been alerted to pay their rates to avoid further actions by the local authorities, the deputy Nebbi RDC JP Emokol Onyango has said.

Speaking on Monday morning during a meeting held with the deputy RDC together with some Sacco members, the Sacco assistant Chairperson Afoyorwoth Nancy alias LaLa regrates that many members have taken too long to clear their loans forcing the Sacco leadership to consult the Municipal authorities to assist in the efforts of recovering the funds to save the society from collapsing.

The Sacco secretary Ukei Alex commonly known as Alex Rhyme urges that most of the loanees are unable to remit the loans within the stipulated time prompting the society to bring the upper authorities as a way of securing the Emyooga Funds.

Mr. Ayikanying Collins commonly known as Collin praise who’s the SACCO treasurer urges that the Sacco leadership should go down to group levels and empower them to save so that the recoveries can be made.

Unyutha Mika a member of Nebbi Municipality performing Artist Hill Award B, says he did not know where to pay the money because their group leaders are not feeding them with the right information and where to make the payments.

Rwothomio Issac alias Bible Son urges that, performing artist’s businesses have been shut down hence making money had become a problem for artists to start making their recoveries.

The Deputy RDC, JP Emokol Onyango retaliates that, by 20th of September every loanee must have made their first installments of their loans.

Nebbi Municipality performing Artist Sacco is the first Sacco in the Municipality who was given the green light to access their money in early June. Different groups received the funds as follows;-

  • Nebbi Municipality Central Ward Performing Artists B gets 6 Million,
  • Nebbi Municipality Namrodhu Ward performing gets 2.3 million.
  • Nebbi Municipality Hill Award Performing Artist A gets 2.3 million.
  • Nebbi Municipality Hill Award Performing Artist B gets 5.6 million.

Meanwhile the Nebbi Municipality Central Ward Performing Artist B did not get any amount.

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