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Ogaget raising the bar high in digital transport and Livelihood

With the coming of a city in this region, there is going to be an expected fast rise in demand for swift and accessible transportation services. Most of the big cities in the world spend billions in inventing new approaches to ease mobility and most of it is digitally oriented.
Digital transportation refers to advanced applications which aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management.

Over the last one year and six months of the pandemic, digital transportation hit high rocketing demand as most people resorted to shopping and buying online. This led to the rise of many companies oriented in digital services even in third-world countries. In  Kampala, companies such as Safe Boda, Taxify, Jumia, and others capitalized on delivery services.

In the new city of Arua, the first-ever digital transportation service started operation. OGAGET announced its a powerful entry with delivery service since passenger carrying was banned during the first 42 days of lockdown. The team joined forces with restaurants and food stores. The ones that consented started taking orders from distant customers through the OGAGET app which got delivered by the riders around.

An OGAGET delivery person interacting with the APP.

Speaking to the director at OGAGET, Amute Lee, he says the service is picking up well given that it is the first of its kind in the Northern sub-region of West Nile. The team is impressed with the feedback and they are hoping to do more than just transportation.

According to Lee, the company is seeking to empower the community by creating some opportunities; Currently, they imported some motorbikes that they are giving out to those who can join OGAGET. The deal is that one pays cash of 500,000 upfront then keeps working with the service until they can fully pay for the motorbike.

After this, the individual is let to decide if they want to keep working with us or take away his bike.

Asked if there are any challenges so far, Lee says there are issues with the riders sometimes failing to follow instructions. During the lockdown, some riders persisted with carrying passengers yet that was against the law. He also sadly notes that some of their branding materials like banners were torn off billboards by the locals and it costs the company.

A screenshot of the OGAGET APP.

A general challenge with digital service could be that its coverage is limited to those who not only have smartphones but are able to place orders using them. This means user interfaces of such apps need to be as friendly as possible to make it easy.

However the future is bright, one key aspect of a city is urban mobility and so with joined forces among stakeholders from both the private and public sector, there could be a better digital transportation system for us all. Read More & Download Ogaget App here

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